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What’s the Salary of a semi pro football player?

In order to understand how much semi pro football players make, it is important to begin by understanding what semi-pro footballers are and what leagues they play in. Basically, a semi-pro footballer is one who engages in football as a part-time and not a full-time career. Semi-professional footballers are either those still trying to hone their skills in a bid to become professional footballers, or those that simply opt to dabble in the sport as a pastime or side job.

The leagues and sports championships they play in are also referred to as semi-professional sports. Be that as it may, semi-pro footballers earn decent outcome. But even before putting a figure on their average salary, it is important to explore some factors that affect a semi-pro soccer player’s salary.

Factors Affecting The Salary Of Semi-professional Soccer Players  Club/Organization Status – As expected, the nature of the club you play in affect your salary as a semi-pro footballer. Clubs or organizations of higher standing are likely to pay their players more compared to lower division clubs, irrespective of the players’ level of professionalism.

Footballer’s Worth

A semi-pro soccer player’s salary is also determined by their worth. By worth, we’re not referring so much of experience but the sentimental and psychological value the player has for the club they are playing for. For instance a player that is seen as a morale booster for fellow players is likely to be paid significantly higher regardless of their semi-pro status.  Sponsorships and Celebrity Endorsements – The fact that you are a semi-professional player does not mean you cannot drive successful campaigns through celebrity endorsements. Indeed, there so many top-ranking players that struck celebrity status long before they could graduate into professional footballers. Usually corporates do not so much consider your prowess on the pitch as they do your celebrity status. For example, a player like Neymar, who is undeniably loved for his good looks achieved massive celebrity status before he could be authoritatively termed as a professional player.   Level of Commitment to the Game – The level of commitment you show towards the game also determines your salary. Ideally, the deeper your commitment, the higher you are likely to be paid. It is also important to remember that there are semi-pro footballers that dedicate their full attention to the game. For such players, soccer is their full-time career, only that they are yet to turn professional at the game.

So How Much Do Semi-pro Soccer Players Make?

Again, this will vary depending on the organization you are playing for, among other factors. For some organizations, semi-pro footballers earn nothing, except for travel, lodging and meal expenses. In other organizations, the pay hardly go beyond $50. However, there are organizations out there that pay their semi-pro players handsomely. A notable mention is Arena Football where players can earn anywhere between $21,760 and $32,740. As a new semi-pro player with Arena Football, your starting salary is somewhere between $17,920 and $26,880.

Playing as a semi-pro is no different from playing soccer as a seasoned footballer. In both cases, you have to demonstrate your passion for the game and consistent improvement in your skills if you wish to see a rise in your pay check.

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