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Barclays English Premier League: Top league of the World?

The Barclays English Premier League is known as the best league in the world due to its unpredictability and high level of competition. Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Arsenal make up the “big six” of teams who every year seemingly have a chance to capture the title. However, in back to back years Manchester City has won the title and seemed absolutely unstoppable.

This begs the question, is the Premier League still the best league in the world?

The answer to this question, is YES. Manchester City has been dominant over the last two years and secured massive points totals in both years. However, this has led to increased performance from all English teams. This year, the Champions League final and Europa League final both were all English. With Liverpool defeating Tottenham in the Champions League and Chelsea defeating Arsenal in the Europa league, it showed the quality of English soccer has rose. Also, although Manchester City won the Premier League for the second year in a row, this year Liverpool challenged them up until the final day of the season. Also, of the six English teams in European competition among the elite, Manchester United was the team who was knocked out the earliest, and even they made the quarter finals and knocked out France’s top team, PSG.

Another argument which can be made against the Premier League is that it seems every year a big star leaves to go to a giant in another country. This year, it was Eden Hazard making a transfer to Real Madrid. This is true, however for every star which leaves the Premier League, there are multiple stars or potential stars which make the move to it. Chelsea have signed young American star Christian Pulisic, Tottenham captured their record signing Tanguy Ndombele, and Manchester City signed Rodri for their record fee. The consistent quality coming into the Premier League more than makes up for the talent which exits. For example, newly promoted Wolves last year did an incredible job securing some of the highest quality Portugese talent in the world. This shows it is not just the big six who are able to acquire star talent from other countries, but any team in the Premier League.

Clearly, although Manchester City have dominated the Premier League over the last two years, it still boasts the talent and competitiveness which make it the top league in the world in terms of talent and style.

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