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Before you start betting on Soccer games

Soccer betting has many attractive options, however there are also many traps to fall in when placing bets.

This article will share with you some of the dos and do nots when placing bets on soccer matches.

DO NOT #1: Parlays

The first major do not is parlays. While they offer attractive rewards for getting correct, it is very difficult to accurately predict correct results for multiple matches. Due to the unpredictable nature across all soccer leagues, parlays are often destroyed by one bet leaving the entire bet worthless and having no return on your money. If you are going to make a parlay bet, you should take minimum risks and only place bets on results which have no risk. This would be an example of Manchester City, Manchester United, and Chelsea all not to lose at home. Although individually the returns are not good for these bets, placing a parlay on them will give a solid return with minimal risk.

DO NOT #2: Team to Record Shutout

Another major trap is betting on a team to record a clean sheet in a match. The difficulty in this type of bet is it only takes one mistake or one moment of brilliance to lose the bet. Even in games which seem like they will be mismatches, the winning side could slip off for a second while they are up three or four goals and concede a sloppy goal. This bet is very dangerous for any game due to the unpredictable nature of soccer.

DO #1: Look at Recent Results

One of the most important aspects at placing bets on soccer matches is looking at the recent results of both teams involved. Recent results show the form of the teams, which can be crucial in deciding which bets to place. For example, if a team is in prolific form and has been scoring multiple goals against quality opponents, if they are playing a lesser team it is a safe bet they will continue this hot run of scoring. Similarly, if a team has been in poor form it is wise to bet against them as a team without form often lacks confidence, and negative results begin to build on each other.

DO #2: Research Injuries/Suspensions

Although soccer is a game with twenty-two players on the field, it can often be changed by one moment of brilliance from a player like Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Similarly, a player like Virgil Van Dijk can greatly improve a defense, and his absence can be devastating for his team. This is why it is crucial to look at which players are missing for teams due to injuries or suspensions. These missing players can have a tremendous effect on the result, so researching them is important.

Do Research, Play it Safe

The conclusion of this article is soccer is an extremely difficult sport to make bets on, and proper research has to be done before making any bets. Also, it is difficult to accurately predict multiple results, so you should attempt to minimize the risks you are taking with bets and only make bets you feel very confident about. Don’t get sucked into making a bet because of your allegiance to a team or your personal feelings, but instead look at the numbers and key absences from both teams to make an informed decision.

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