how big is a soccer goal

How big is a soccer goal?

This question has been on the tongue of every learner who is gaining knowledge about soccer. A soccer goal is available all over the world in different sizes. You can buy a standard size soccer goal or order a custom size goal that fits your need.  Usually, it has standard sizes according to the ages of the players. For example a soccer goal for the players of under 5 years of age. Similarly a soccer goal for 10 years old kids, 15 years old kid and for adult players. Besides, it is also available according to the need of the players. Not all games can be played with the same rules. They can vary according to the location, availability of area as well as the mood of players. For instance, it can be for practice, futsal or games, etc. Here I am going to mention some soccer goal sizes that are mostly used around the globe.  Soccer goal sizes arranged according to the ages.

Age of Players   Goal Size in feet

U6 – U8        4 X 6

U9 – U10         6.5 X 18.5

U11 – U12        7 X 21

U13 – U19        8 X 24

The most commonly used from among all of these standard age sizes is of U13 – U19 as it suits the adults. This size of a soccer goal is perfect for 11 x 11 match.

Standard Soccer goals according to location

You must not be astonished to know that soccer goals also vary according to the locations. You may find a different size of goal in the park as compared to the one you saw at the beach. Moreover, obviously, the soccer goal in the backyard will not be as bigger as the goal in the ground of professional FIFA game.

Beach Soccer Goals

Beach soccer goal usually are 7.25 feet in height while 18 feet in width. This makes it easier for the player to play. However, the bigger advantage here is to the goalie. As one cannot run well in sand as on ground so this size makes a perfect fit for the goalie to cover the goal. It saves him from quick diving around the goal in the loose sand where he is not comfortable moving swiftly.

Backyard soccer goals

It always varies according to the size of the backyard. Your backyard can be big enough for a standard goal size. Moreover, it can be small for the smallest goal net. Usually, people make their custom soccer goals for their backyard. NFHS – National Federation of high school has a standard goal size in the specification. Which follows the professional soccer goal size. It consists of two posts which are actually 4 inches in diameter and they must be placed 8 yards apart.

Soccer goals for professional players or FIFA

FIFA stands for International Federation of Association Football, which supports the top soccer in the whole world. According to the rules of FIFA, two posts should be at a distance of 8 yards from each other. Moreover, the lower crossbar must sit at least 8 feet above the ground. In addition, their width must be maintained at 5 inches.

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