How long is soccer game in high school

How long is a high school soccer game


A lovely sport where 22 players chase a single ball to place it into the opposing side of the net. The passionate crowd shouts as goals are scored. The feeling, the thrill, the adventure which ultimately brings to such great enjoyment towards the ones who watch and participate. Unfortunately, good things never last, game length is a fundamental aspect of soccer. Soccer is a sport admired by teenagers and most great soccer players start at a very young age. Most of them came from competent high school teams. Before we analyze high school soccer, lets briefly understand the competitive scene.

1. Professional game timing
There are two halves in soccer. A standard professional soccer game length is around 45 minutes for each half with 15 minutes of half time break in between. For each half, there is extra time to compensate for injuries. This would usually last around 5 minutes depending on the referee’s decision. During this time is where the side that is winning would strategically “waste time” to secure victory. In tournament-based knockout mode, teams that draw during the playoffs would play in extra time for two halves lengthening from 15 minutes for each half. If it is still a draw, then they will proceed towards the penalty shootout.
2. High school game timing
There is a major difference between professional soccer and high school soccer. There is a great distinction of age between the two groups so it is logical to have slight modification for high school soccer to compensate for their capability, According to the SportsRec website, a high school game can have either 2 halves or 4 halves depending on the tournament organizers. The one with 2 halves consists of 40 minutes each and the one with 4 halves consists of 20 minutes for each half. Both types would provide sufficient overtime which spans about 10 minutes. However, the high school athletic association could request for the time to be extended or shortened depending on circumstances. The format is similar to the professional timing for tournament knock out stages.
3. Unofficial High school game timing
For an unofficial high school soccer play, there is no standard model of timing to follow. Everything is subjected to the teams capacity to enjoy and live with soccer. Both teams would be randomly drafted or voluntarily drafted and they would battle to the very end until complete exhaustion. Anyone is free to leave or participate as long as it does not exceed the maximum number of players. This form of sport is extremely enjoyable because the timing is innately subjective. It could extend for hours and there is nothing really stopping them.
Timing is essential in soccer. Teams across the globe build strategies and techniques to compensate for the time given to them. This particular dynamic makes soccer a wondrous form of entertainment.

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