How many quarters in soccer?

How many quarters in soccer?

When it comes to sports in the US, such as Basketball and American Football, the game is broken down into four quarters, allowing the players to take a break between each quarter. This gives them some time to rest and recover, as well as a chance to work on their tactics for the next quarter of the game.

Now there are quite a few people who are not too familiar with the sport of soccer and have been found to ask the question”how many quarters in soccer?” which is actually a very interesting question indeed. The fact of the matter is, when it comes to soccer, they don’t actually break it down into quarters at all.

What does soccer do?

Instead of breaking the game down into quarters, soccer actually only has two halves instead. With the game lasting 90 minutes as a whole, a soccer match is split into two halves of 45 minutes each. At the end of the first 45 minutes, the referee can then add on some stoppage time, according to the incidents which happened during the first half.

How long is half time?

Once the referee blows for half time, the players will return to the locker room, where they can rest and recover from the first half action, as well as having a team talk with the coach. Half time lasts for 15 minutes and the players will then return for the second half of 45 minutes. Again, at the end of the second half, the referee can add on a few minutes of stoppage time for events of the second half.

Is it the same for cup games?

When playing a league game, if the two teams are still tied at the end of the match, the game is declared a draw and they both get 1 point towards their points total for the season. However, it is different for cup matches.
In a cup game, if the two teams are tied after 90 minutes, there will then be Extra Time. This is another two halves of football, both lasting just 15 minutes each, so 30 minutes in total. At half time of extra time, the players do not return to the locker room but instead have a rest on or beside the pitch.

Penalty Shootout

If the two teams are still tied at the end of the Extra Time, then the game will go to a penalty shootout. Here, both teams get 5 penalty kicks each and the team who score the most after those 5 penalties win the game.
If both teams score the same amount of penalties from their allotted 5 penalty kicks, then it will go to a sudden death shootout, with each team taking 1 penalty kick at a time, with the first team to score, with the other team missing, wins the game.
So to answer the question “how many quarters in soccer?” the simple answer is, they don’t have quarters, they have halves. It is that simple.

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