How much do soccer refs make?

How much do soccer refs make?

Have you have heard of a saying that the best referees are unnoticeable? Well, in the world of soccer, only the best get called to both games. And to be on top of other people, you have to be unnoticeable.   What does that mean? Whatever decision they make should be unbiased, no bad calls in the game. And regardless of the game, the players are the people who matter, not the referee.  When a referee gets that understanding, it goes a long way in affecting their salary. Because a good player will shoot levels in the field, you can’t expect a senior accountant to be paid the same as an accounting intern.   So how are the referees paid, and how do all these affect their salary?  The Salary Board On a standard point of view, every industry has ranks where if you’re good at your job, you move up. The same applies to soccer referees.  Depending on the country or state you are refereeing from; the salary could range from $40,000 to $80,000 a year. All matters aside, this is the usual salary where they officiate several games in the league and tournaments.   In some countries, the salary could come attached with allowances and tips. Which then adds the salary range to of a higher state. League referees will receive approximately $2,000 for every game they oversee. Different factors play a hand into the amount of salary the soccer referees receive. Let’s take a look at them.

Factors Affecting the Salary Range

Below are some mitigating factors that could advance referees salary or career.

  • Level of Experience  The MLS referees get paid for every game they officiate. It could depend on other factors. But for them, it goes according to the level at which one is.
    There are four levels including
    1. They have only officiated around 76 games. They can be paid from $200 to $565 per game, if they’re lucky, even $1,100.
    2. They receive $230 to $600 for every game, if they have officiated over 40 games, it’s $1000.
    3. They have overseen about twenty to 40 games. Earning above $700 a game, while their assistants earn half that amount.
    4. These referees have the least amount of experience. Ranging between none to twenty games. They receive $ 700 per game. Almost three times compared to level one.  One has to officiate as many games as possible to move ranks.

The MSL referees work full time to earn experience and other qualities needed for more significant leagues and game championships.

  • The Tournament Stage A good example is a tournament. Where there will be top sixteen teams, then eight, going down. As the referees keep officiating, some of them keep playing till the final cup.  As the stages move up, so does the salary. Any tournament match will be $2,000 per the game officiated. Depending on the behaviors of the referees, they could be asked to lead other games. If they land a semifinal game, the salary goes up to $2,800.  For those who have reached cup finals, they have been paid over $3,500. Hence the level of the game matters to a soccer referee’s salary.
  • Different Leagues  There are different leagues in the soccer world. The major soccer league is just put the first division section. If you are at other lower divisions or higher divisions like the USL league or even premier league, your salary could vary.  Also, different leagues pay you an additional stipend and travel fees, which earns you a higher salary than one who remains officiating at home, and in lower leagues.
  • Special Soccer Games By special, it means world cup, Europa champions league and such. Due to the high standards of games held in such championships, the salaries also increase.  A referee can receive $50,000 for officiating just one to three games the entire world cup season which could feature under 30 games. The best thing about this is that even without much hustle, as long as the referee is called to officiate in such games, the salary will be of such standards.

Winding Up

There you have it, a big scoop into the salary of soccer referees. For every unnoticeable referee, you can expect to see then soaring high in big games and leagues.   If you were considering to join this industry, you have all the information now. Make good use of it.

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