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How much the top Europeans Clubs are Making?

This year’s report by the financial firm Deloitte showed a 6% growth of revenues to $9.42 billion, among Europe’s top 20 richest football clubs. The English Premier League dominated Deloitte’s ranking with 9 clubs in the list. There are also 3 Spanish clubs, 1 French club, 3 German clubs and 4 Italian clubs.

The new report shows Real Madrid is the world’s highest-revenue-generating club, knocking off Manchester United to top spot from 2018. The Spanish giants turned over a record $854.8m in the 2017/18 season. Barcelona is second with a revenue of $785.5m while Manchester United is third with $758m. It is the 12th time Real Madrid has topped the rankings. Deloitte analysis revealed the top three generated $2.3b together (double their revenues of 10 years previously).

Real Madrid’s revenue increased by more than $85.4m, which was driven by the growth of commercial revenue of $62.4m (54.8 million). Commercial revenue includes pre-season friendlies, merchandising and sponsorship.

The Premier league dominated the ranking with 6 clubs in the top 10

Tottenham ($487.7m) entered the top 10 for the first time (since 2006/07), joining Arsenal, $500.1m (9th), Chelsea. $575.7m (8th), Manchester City $647.1m (5th), Manchester United, $758m (3rd) and Liverpool, 584.8m (7th).  French club Paris Saint-Germain ($616.7m) was 6th, owing to commercial benefits of star signings Kylian Mbappe and Neymar Jr. Paris Saint-Germain enjoyed 14% and 12% in commercial revenue and matchday respectively, which was driven by the demand to see two of football’s biggest stars and PSG’s success on the pitch. Bayern Munich was 4th, earning $713.29m due to its success in German Bundesliga as well as reaching UCL semi-final.

Other clubs in the top 20

  • 20. West Ham United, England- $224.5 million. The bulk of its revenue came from broadcasting deals since West Ham did not compete in UEFA competitions in 2018
  • 19. Newcastle United, England-$228.6 million. Doubled its revenue from previous year, up by $113.2 million
  • 18. AC Milan, Italy-$235.6 million. Finished 6th in the league, welcomed an average of 51,472 in its home matches and participated in UEFA Europa League
  • 17. Everton, England-$241.4 million. The vast majority of Everton’s revenue came from broadcasting deals (75%), which helped to offset being dumped out of Europa League in the group stage
  • 16. Schalke, Germany-$276.5 million. 44% of its revenue came from commercial deals. The Bundesliga club is sponsored by Gazprom
  • 15. Roma, Italy-$283.6 million-Reached the Champions League semi-final and finished 3rd in Serie A. Averaged 37,683 fans in its home matches
  • 14. Inter Milan, Italy-$318.5 million-The bulk of its revenue came from commercial benefits (53%)
  • 13. Atletico Madrid, Spain-$345.3 million- It’s the third biggest club in Spain after Barcelona and Real Madrid, averaging 55,477 fans in home matches. Won the Europa League and finished second in La Liga. Atletico Madrid continues to witness year-on-year revenue growth
  • 12. Borussia Dortmund, Germany-$360 million. Averaged 79,864 fans at home. Commercial deals are also fundamental to its revenue growth
  • 11. Juventus, Italy-$447.7 million. Reached Champions League quarter-final and won Serie A

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