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Indoor Soccer Shoes For Girls

Soccer shoes exist in many different forms depending on their function and their playing environment. They are coupled with different designs that suit different soccer environments. These types of shoes resemble exactly like the tennis shoes and are made of harder soles that will give you a taste and effective control of the ball to enhance your game. Their design is majorly suited for indoor purposes and therefore their sliding capabilities have been modified.

The perfect and most obvious features of these girl’s indoor soccer shoes are that most of them have got a flat outsole that involves a gum rubber with kangaroo leather and its upper part being suede. The heel of the shoe is firmly cemented to the upper section with thread patterns comprising of interlocking triangles or in other words the pattern resembling the herringbone modification that enhances the traction of the ball. It also has a disk designed for turning in the metatarsal with a dimpled thread heel on the same surface.

To identify some of these indoor soccer shoes for girls requires you to make a close observation for their unique colors and their different brands within the market. These types of shoes are mostly in black color some with bright silver, hot lime, cherry, white with others being multi-colored. The laces of these shoes are sometimes exposed and either asymmetrical or centered in position.

  • Adidas Kids’ X 18.3 Indoor is a brand of the girl’s indoor soccer shoe with very amazing features that suites an indoor soccer game. It is made of a textile and a synthetic material with a tough synthetic sole tough for precise control of the ball. It also has a low-cut claw collar that is designed for foot locking onto the boot for game-changing stability and this is also attributed to its property of being lightweight with a perforated rubber for enhanced ball traction
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  • Nike Jr Phantom Venom Academy IC is also one of the types of girls’ indoor soccer show that is highly designed for striking capabilities. It is basically suited for precise strikes attributed by the instep modified in form of ridges to create a spin that is aimed at controlling the flight of the ball as the herringbone outsole aides in the traction of the ball that is to be unleashed at any moment
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  • Nike Junior SuperflyX Indoor is another type build for high speeds with its internal lining modified to create a secure and an intact feel that promotes a tougher grasp. The screen-printed texture on its upper part offers a nice touch at times of high speed and swift reaction. Its flat rubber outsole is also designed to provide efficient traction on street and court surfaces
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Most of the manufacturers modify all the basic indoor soccer shoes to meet the needs of the customers. Nike 5 Elastico in its unique bright blue and green pattern features with enhanced dots for a smooth touch of the ball. There are also models like Puma Powercat which features greatly on external heel counter that enhances firm support. Umbro Speciali Premier A comes with synthetic inserts, an extended front end that fastens over the lacing and ball-stitching to enhance a modified striking zone for unleashing.

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