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Is money equals success in Football?

Although it is true that success is a very personal feeling, most people in today’s society associate professional success with obtaining a large amount of money. And the world of football is not alien to this vision. In recent years, the market value of professional footballers, especially top players, has skyrocketed to levels that seem almost unreal. What a few years ago seemed a waste or a madness, nowadays has become practically normal and even some signings over 100 million dollars are seen as a bargain. This increase in the market value of footballers has also been reflected in their salaries.

Every year we see how the players of top teams raise their salaries regardless of their performance on the pitch, until they get those salaries that satisfy their ego, instead of their needs. This has made that in the annual lists of athletes with more profits always appear a good handful of footballers. All this situation is generating a bubble in which the world of football and those that compose it do nothing but revalue, earning more and more money. But is this really a synonym of success? In my opinion: no. However, from the point of view of many footballers, yes. Winning a lot of money is synonymous with success.

The more money is earned, it means that the success is greater and the better footballer you are. It is nothing more than a fight of egos. I want to be the best paid, not because I need the money, but because I want to be the best, the most successful. This is, in fact, one of the causes of the bestial wage increase that occurs in football. The fight of egos for being the most successful. However, not all the football world, nor all the players, are governed by this same moral or way of thinking. In the more modest teams, as well as in women’s football, this type of thoughts are not so frequent, always prevailing the team over the players, and making them feel more successful for the achievements made as a team than for their own.

That is, they do not seek to be the best paid to calm their desire for success, but this comes from sports achievements. A much healthier way to get it, of course. In short, it is difficult to define success as such. Success depends on each person, although unfortunately, the world of football is increasingly being led by individualisms that move only by their own interests in order to satisfy their egos, which they confuse with their success.

This situation can also be applied to more and more sports, where the power of money does not stop growing, and is seen as the best measure of the success of an athlete, almost above their professional achievements. It is necessary to consider if it is really worth sacrificing the traditional values of a sport such as football, in which once was promoted sportsmanship, effort or complicity, simply by the ego and money, or as now they call it, success.

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