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Top 3 Soccer Statistics to Use While Betting This Year

Sports generate a lot of interest in the public and that is why they are so popular, as well as sports betting that also attract fans, since it makes everything more fun and allow them to obtain some kind of economic benefit.

Although anyone can bet, it is not recommended for everyone, only for people who really know about the sport they want to bet on and are aware of the development of the player or team chosen.

This is especially true when betting on soccer, which is one of the most important and recognized sports in the world. Many of its athletes are the best paid and most followed in social networks, like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

So, if you want to know a little more about all of this, here we leave some statistics to take into consideration when betting on soccer.

Individual players

Individual players - Top 3 Soccer Statistics to Use While Betting This Year

Many soccer statistics, specifically in Europe, give great importance to the individual performance of each player and the achievements and records they have during the season. For example, the number of goals, if he is in the top scorers in Europe, or has a great number of assists, among other things.


Goals - Top 3 Soccer Statistics to Use While Betting This Year

The goals that are in favor or against a team are also very important to analyze, and through the statistics, you can do it. In addition, this will talk about the performance of the team, if they have many goals against them, there is a problem in the defense.

It is also important to keep this in mind in very competitive leagues, such as La Liga or Premier League, which have very powerful teams and they will give everything.

An example of this, is when Atletico Madrid has more than 3 goals scored in the first 20 games of the league, then it speaks of a team that is totally solid, goal scorer, and that has many chances to win. But by betting on the favorite, the profit would not be as high as when you choose any other team of lower rank.

Passes and corners

Passes and corners - Top 3 Soccer Statistics to Use While Betting This Year

Many people get carried away by the statistics of passes and corners that each team has. Although, if you have favorable numbers it is a good thing. But it is not what really defines the game, it will be the determination of the team to score a goal.

There have been many cases where a team has had 60% possession, but the team ended up losing the game.

The numbers thrown by the statistics, are the ones that will help you and guide you on placing your bets, possibly many times they are overwhelming, but they will be very useful because they will tell you how each team is going.

Through these numbers, you can get a chance of winning, although, sometime you will lose. Statistics in the bets are very important, because through them you can check how the performance of the team you want to bet on is.

Many of the bookmakers have them, especially in online pages, but you should not trust in them, since in sports you can’t take anything for granted, there may be results that end up surprising you.

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