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The 4 Best Young Players to Bet on This Season

The PFA Young player of the Year is an award given to a player who is 23 years old or younger than that, at the beginning of the season. The prize judges decide who would be the best player in the English Premier League and this is one of the most important individual awards.

Here we will give you the best options to bet on players who could win the trophy this time.

At the moment of betting the best candidates are chosen to be able to maintain an average of victories and typical defeats. With these players you can find everything you need for a safe win and make the most of the whole league, so with these tips you will know who to bet without having so many worries.

Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford - The 4 Best Young Players to Bet on This Season

Marcus Rashford broke records from his beginnings, when he was 18 years old in his debut. He has scored a good number of times in the UEFA Europa League and also in his first match of the UEFA Champions League.

Rashford, is a complete player, able to take his team to victory with all the goals he can score, besides rendering excellent assistance. You should bet on him.

Emre Can

Emre Can - The 4 Best Young Players to Bet on This Season

Emre Can is a player who arouses emotions, he has a divided opinion among many sports critics. What is true, is that Can has been one of the best reinforcements of Liverpool, thanks to his arrival it was possible to form a completely advanced front, capable of scoring goals without many problems.

He is a great soccer defender and attacker and has helped to maintain a solid defense, something very important.

Joe Gomez

Joe Gomez - The 4 Best Young Players to Bet on This Season

Joe Gomez has held a stellar performance in the Premier League at only 20 years old, he has taken advantage of the opportunities given by the coach and has also won a place on the team.

Since the injury of one of the players, Gomez came to cover that position, and he has done it perfectly, he has a very versatile defense and can run long distances without getting too tired.


Ederson - The 4 Best Young Players to Bet on This Season

Ederson became the goalkeeper of the team since Pep Guardiola sought him at Benfica, and since his arrival he has positioned himself as one of the most expensive goalkeepers in the world, besides the most skilled.

He is surprisingly versatile and has been very helpful for the team and he is one of the best players of the entire Premier League.

You can definitely bet on any of these young players and win, they have great skills and everything that surrounds them (teams, coaches, among other things) are currently at their best moment, so it would be a good idea to keep in mind this information to choose the winner to of the Young Player of the Year.

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