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The Evolution Of Soccer Balls

Do you want to know more about the evolution of soccer balls?

If so, you are not alone. We can give you what you want because we understand what you need. You are a soccer fan and we are really proud of you too.  We are going to let you know about this amazing thing called soccer ball because this stuff will allow you to truly have fun. If you want to keep your interest in soccer, read this short article about the evolution of the famous soccer ball. Therefore, we encourage you to go on so you can know more about it.  1836  Charles Goodyear patents what is called vulcanized rubber. But people created soccer balls out of a pig’s bladder.

The type of soccer ball created depended on the shape and size of the pig’s bladder too.  The problem with these types of soccer balls was the irregularity of the shape. The movement of the ball was unpredictable because of the ball’s size. This was something important to take into consideration.

  • 1862  H.J. Lindon created an inflatable rubber bladder that could be used by any ball. He developed this because his wife supposedly died because she has to inflate too many pig’s bladders too.
  • 1929  The improvement of water absorption was a reality. They used synthetic paints to achieve this goal. The use of non-porous materials was also part of it too. These materials were used to coat the leather too.
  • 1950  Spectators were able to see the ball easier because it was a white one. These white balls were used un-officially as of 1892. The leather was just painted white to produce these white balls.
  • 1960s  The first completely synthetic balls were produced in the 1960s.
  • In the 1980s, synthetic leathers replaced these leather balls completely.  We have told you what the evolution of the soccer ball was. Charles Goodyear did a great job in 1836 because he truly created something awesome. He knew what he was doing and that was something that created another level in the evolution of the soccer ball.
  • Remember also that the year 1862 was awesome in the evolution of the soccer ball. That same year, H.J. Lindon worked hard to give the world the inflatable soccer bladder, and he did a pretty good job too. 1929 was just another awesome year in the evolution of the soccer ball because it got a lot of improvements in terms of absorption.

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