Soccer Shoes Spikes - What do you call the spikes at the bottom of soccer cleats?

What do you call the spikes at the bottom of soccer cleats?

If you are a fan of soccer, then you know how essential soccer cleats are. Some people call them soccer boots while others tend to simplify the term to soccer shoes. These are what soccer players wear when they head out to the pitch for a match. The boots come in different material, technology and labels so are sure that you can get the exact design of soccer cleats you want so long as you do an extensive search.

What are the spikes at the bottom of soccer shoes called?

Well, even though several people have formulated a name for the spikes, their official name remains to be studs. These are the protrusions located at the bottom of a soccer cleat spanning from the front of the soccer cleat to the back. The studs are usually made from different materials, and so you have to confirm the type of material before purchasing your cleats. There are those boots that have plastic studs while other soccer cleats have metal or rubber studs.

The type of studs you decide to pick often depends on the environment you will be playing soccer as well as your level of gaming. This is because the dependability and effectiveness of metal studs are way much higher than that of plastic studs. It can also handle several environments, including both the conventional ground and the artificial ground, also known as turf.

Importance of studs

Studs have more than just one importance on a soccer cleat. Some of the main benefits of studs include:  Facilitating traction A soccer player has no room to make errors; any single mistake can make him or her to end up losing the match to the opponent. To avoid such mistakes, players require studs to maximize friction. That way, they can stop when they want to and sprint when needed. That’s why you will never see them sliding on the field not unless the studs are worn off.

Maximising performance of the player

The studs on a soccer cleat do maximize the performance of a player to some degree. For instance, if it weren’t for the spikes, it would have been hard for the player to take off at once. With the studs, the player can dig in the ground and create the maximum force to take off. They also enable him to halt effortlessly. By now, you should be fully cognisant of what studs are and their importance on a soccer cleat.

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