What Does the FC Mean in Soccer?

What Does the FC Mean in Soccer?

There is no question that soccer is a fascinating sport. It is literally played worldwide, but for the uninitiated, it can seem like somewhat of a confusing sport. For example, what do the terms “Red”, “Real”, and “United” mean? Of course, if you are going to get into soccer, it is important to know these abbreviations. While it can be said that the national pastime in the United States would be baseball, it also can just as easily be said that the world pastime would be soccer. However, knowing these terms is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are also many abbreviations that can be just as daunting and confusing. For example, what about CF? What does THAT mean? Well, it actually stands for “Club de Futbol” and it is popular terminology in many Spanish countries. Of course, this leads us to our next point: what of the meaning of FC? We even see the FC term with the soccer clubs in the United States. What does FC mean in soccer?

History of the FC Terminology

In the United States, the “FC” term first took off with the establishment of the Major League Soccer (MLS) league in 1996. There are now 24 MLS teams in the United States and Canada, and they have plans to expand to 27 teams by 2022 and then later on to 30 teams.

Presently, the teams based in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Columbus, New York City, Orlando City, Toronto, Dallas, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Seattle and Vancouver all use the “FC” terminology in their name. Moreover, a proposed future team based in Austin, Texas will be using the terminology as well.

However, this isn’t just an American soccer phenomenon. Throughout the world, this term is readily used. Examples would include FC Liverpool, FC Andorra, Arsenal FC, and FC Barcelona among many others.

The importance FC Terminology?

Of course, this all begs the question, just why do some teams think using FC in their name is important? It’s possibly because they want to establish themselves within the proud tradition that is soccer, or “football” if you will. Naturally, the FC term is also heavily utilized in order to identify a team, and this seems to be especially true within the culture of Europe and the English Premier League.

However, in America, the term “FC” has not been without its share of controversy. This is possibly because the MLS is a newer league in the United States and one that for some reason doesn’t seem to get much respect.

Needless to say, it is definitely time for Americans to give the MLS some credit, especially considering the fact they now have more attendance than many National Hockey League games. Of course, here is one of the main reasons why the term “FC” could be called controversial in the United States:

The Meaning of the Term “FC” in Soccer

So, just what does FC mean in soccer? You see, the reason why the term “FC” is somewhat controversial in the United States is that “FC” actually stands for “Football Club.” Some individuals have a little bit of difficulty wrapping their mind around the fact that “soccer” is actually called “football” in other countries.

This is primarily because of the popularity of the American football league the NFL, which has been around since the early part of the 20th Century. Regardless of whether Americans might get offended or not, the most important thing to remember is that the MLS is a very young league. Thus, if we simply give it time, many sports fan will warm up to the fact that soccer teams are liable to have “FC” in their name.

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