What is a fullback in soccer ?

What is a fullback in soccer ?

A full back is a defender who plays in the wide defensive position. There are two categories of a full back, the one who plays on the right wide position known as full back right and the one who plays on the left wide position known as full back left.


In modern football, the full backs have been given important roles on the pitch, unlike the centre backs, the fullbacks have been given plenty of space to manoeuvre around, leaving the centre backs the responsibility of marking the strikers. The full backs run wide and assist in offensive attacks by overlapping while at the same time keeping an eye on the defensive line and marking the wingers of the opposing team who are looking to make use of the space left by the full back while overlapping.
Whether playing on the right or the left full back positions, the roles are closely the same, one is supposed to mark the opposing nearest striker while at the same time checking on their wingers, this means that someone has to be a fast runner so as to complete these tasks.Thus contributing to the defensive unit, they are required to have good communication with the closest centre back so as to cover for each other. Full backs are required to prevent the opposing winger, fullback or attacking midfielder from crossing into the box thus keeping the ball away from goal as much as possible.
The full backs are also required to dribble in the final third, playing one twos and take part on combination plays rather than just providing crosses. The fullbacks are supposed to have high technical proficiency so as to beat the opponent’s forward without fouling. The forwards playing on the wide position have great control of the ball, therefore it requires a technical defender to win the ball from the forward, therefore they should know how to excellently handle one on one situations.


One of the role of the full backs is to assist in offensive runs, this means that the fullbacks have to overlap thus stretching the defensive line of their team. The fullbacks at points take up the role of wingers, supplying their forwards with sufficient crosses into the box, therefore the fullbacks must have excellent ball control skills and excellent vision into the box so as to be accurate with the crosses.
Great athleticism is required of the fullback since they take up two roles at the same time.In modern football, a fullback is judged highly with the crosses he provides into the opposing team’s box rather than the ones they stop on their defensive position. Therefore in modern football, too much is demanded of the fullback since they have to be attacking minded while at the same time keeping an eye on the wide defensive position whenever they lose the ball and defend.


A fullback should have excellent communication skills so as to communicate with their team mates, for example they should be capable of communicating the forwards for them to know when the fullback is making offensive runs, as well as with the midfielders for them to know when to fall back in defensive position and when to move forward, they should also have excellent communication with the wingers for effective game play.
They are supposed to have technical skills as to make good runs with the ball, play composed passes with team mates as well as calm the pressure brought by the wingers so as to keep the wingers away from the goal and help maintain possession of the ball.Fullbacks are supposed to be good decision makers, if they fail to do this, they can be caught out of position and the result can be dangerous, therefore they should be able to make decisions when to overlap and when to fall back. Since they do a lot of hard work throughout the ninety minutes of soccer, they are required to be physically fit.
Fullback is a very important position to play in soccer, mostly in modern soccer they contribute a lot to the outcome of the game, therefore one is require to have high concentration and keep on improving their technical skills.

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