What is London's oldest professional soccer team?

What is London’s oldest professional soccer team?

In London, there are a dozen professional soccer teams. From London are the famous English professional soccer teams such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham who are the most successful soccer team in London. The title of the oldest professional soccer team in London does not hold any of these teams because it is the oldest professional soccer team in London, actually Fulham F.C.

History of Fulham

  • Formation
    Fulham F.C. is, therefore, the oldest professional soccer team in London and was founded back in 1879. They formed the Anglican Church by priests from the western part of London.
  • Professional status
    Fulham’s status as a professional team gained in 1898. when he played in the second division of the League of the South.
  • Premier League
    Fulham is a major part of its history spent in the lower ranks. In the elite ranks of the competition was first played in 2001.
  • Today’s Fulham
    Fulham is now competing in EFL Championship, the second rank of competition in England after being relegated last season from the Premier League.
  • Kit color
    Fulham initially wearing a red and white jersey as well as one of its biggest rivals, Arsenal. Later, Fulham began to wear white jerseys at which they are famous to this day.


  • National competitions
    Fulham has not many notable results in national competitions. The biggest success of Fulham is when Fulham won the 7th place in the Premier League in 2008/09 season and the FA Cup final in 1975.
  • European competitions
    Fulham has two notable results in European competitions. Fulham won the 2002 UEFA Intertoto Cup when he beat Spain’s team Malaga and thus qualified for the UEFA CUP. 2010. Fulham played the Europa League final where he lost to Atletico Madrid 2:1 after extra time.


Fulham fans cheer on their team at Craven Cottage stadium which has a capacity of 25000 spectators.


Fulham’s biggest rivals are Brentford, Queens Park Rangers, Arsenal, and Chelsea. Fulham fans have not been on good terms with the Gillingham F.C. fans because of one Fulham fan killed after a game by fans of the rival team.

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