How To Become A Professional Soccer Player At 18

what is the minimum number of players that can play on one soccer team?

Soccer, often caller Association Football, is a sport that requires two opposing teams to compete. This is a sport that is popular around the world. The playing field is a rectangle with a goal at either side of the field. Each team would have to score a goal in the opposing team’s net. The team with the highest goal wins.


There are different rules in terms of the numbers of players allowed per team as defined by the league and age groups. As rules vary per league, it is advisable to check the local or region league to avoid disqualification. But, there is one standard number for adult games.

What is the minimum number of players that can play on one soccer team?

Under Law 3 of the “FIFA Laws of Game,” each team should compose of eleven (11) players where one of them must be the goalkeeper at any given time.

When there are fewer than 7 players, the game will not start nor continue. Even if the original players were 11, the number can go down during the game. One of the factors would be red cards and sending offs. Players who received red cards are removed from the game. Another would be when a player is injured. Unfortunately, these are all part of the game.

Teams can end up playing with a lesser number of players. If there would be any circumstance where there is an extra player in the field, the referee has to stop the game and ask the extra person to leave. This extra person can be a supporter, official or substitute straying on the field.

If the extra person is a player, the team will be given a yellow card. In total, there should only be a total of 22 players, 11 for every 2 teams, in the soccer field.

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