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Why football players get paid so well?

The world of football has always been criticised for the astronomical figures of money that it moves. In recent years, more and more football players whose transfers reach over 100 million dollars, television rights that report huge amounts of money to teams and even advertising brands that invest huge amounts for football players to shine their mark on their appearances on the football field. In this uncontrollable situation, the salaries of professional footballers have not been unrelated, and have increased exponentially in recent years.

But do footballers really deserve that much money?

The easy answer would be no. No footballer (or sportsman in general) performs a function or a job so essential as to get to charge those disproportionate amounts. If we compare their salaries with other professions, whose relevance in society could be considered much more important, as it is the case of doctors, researchers or professors, among others, we observe that some footballers are able to equal their annual salaries in question of hours or days. It is, therefore, a truly unfair situation.

payday check footballers - Why football players get paid so well?

However, we must bear in mind what is behind this situation. If the athletes bequeath to collect these amounts, it is because the benefit they generate is even greater. That is, those companies that advertise, finance or support footballers or their teams, do so in exchange for a benefit. To the extent that this benefit is profitable, they will continue to show their support, with more and more companies trying to take advantage, in one way or another, of this situation. All this is generating a bubble that makes the prices of footballers, their salaries, and everything that surrounds the world of football continues to rise in a dizzying manner.

In short, it is clear that from a moral point of view the current salary of many players is not adequate, but, taking into account the capitalist system in which we live and the rules by which it is governed, it is more than understandable. In fact, if nothing is done to try to change it, it is possible that in the next few years this situation will continue to increase faster and faster. We will have to see where the limit is.


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