Why isn't Soccer Popular in the US?

Why isn’t Soccer Popular in the US?

Soccer is one of the most famous sports in the world. It is known to be popular among the young age groups. You would be surprised to hear that in some countries, for a large group of people it is even considered on par with religion.

Around half of the world population watched a minute of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This speaks volumes about the popularity of the sport across the globe. However, there are still some countries where soccer is not considered a popular sport. More surprising than that would be to hear that in the United States, soccer is not considered a mainstream sport.

First let’s clear the air between soccer and football

Football is the general term that is used for calling soccer sport around the world. But mostly in the United States it is referred to as soccer. The reason being – they have their own version of football – RUGBY!
Super Bowl is the most popular annual sporting event in the United States. The National Football League (NFL) has been organising it for years. So if you thought US is not crazy about sports, you’re mistaken. Rugby happens to be their Football!
Hockey and Basketball are other popular sports that are played in the United States with an equal fanfare that is enjoyed by American football.

But why isn’t soccer popular in the US?

There could be several reasons like – people having no interest in the sport, lack of advertisement and promotion, less players putting interest in the game, etc. These seem to be vague and fail to give a proper explanation as to why isn’t soccer popular in the US.
Let’s us see why

High Drama vs. Hard Punches

If you have ever seen an American Football match, you would have been thrilled to see the amount of hits and attacks the players pounce on each other. It is a part of the game and one of the major reasons why Americans love it so much.
But if you see a soccer match you will realise it lacks the hard thrill and intensity in comparison to American football. Moreover, many a times the soccer players try to simulate fouls which technically is a game strategy. Americans by large find this a deviation from sportsmanship.
Thought both games are different, here the questions comes down to the disparity in the sports culture of the two games.

America is not the King of Football

Americans love to dominate the world. From time and again they have shown that they can lead and they have the mettle to do the same. Many past Presidents have also highlighted this wish of the country. They call themselves the global superpower.
Yes, Americans are born to dominate. Whether it be economics, politics, diplomacy, innovation or any other field. The same applies for sports as well. Sadly, The soccer team of United States cannot stand the might of European teams. This kind of makes it an unpopular sport among the American crowd.
In 2018 the United States National Soccer Team even failed to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals. This did not do any good in making the sport popular in US.

Less Promotions around Soccer in US

Over the years, American advertising and marketing agencies have placed their trust on the home grown popular sports like – Football, Basketball and Hockey. The modern days are the times of marketing frenzy.
The lack of interest in Americans to watch soccer has kept the advertising and marketing agencies away from investing much in promoting or airing soccer games. One more major reason why isn’t soccer popular in the US.

Americans hate to see a tie

You have been watching your favourite team play the game for over an hour. The team’s winning chances were high but suddenly, the opposition player comes and scores a goal at the last moment. This makes your spirits come crashing down!This is the story of many die hard soccer fans. Owing to the nature of the game, ties are a part of the sport. Americans do not prefer seeing a tie. They love to see a clear winner. Soccer on many occasions is unable to deliver justice in this deep rooted desire of theirs.

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